Current Exhibitions

LocationB1, Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall
Date2024. 03. 04 - 2024. 12. 31

The history of Ewha Womans University Museum began with Ewha members who expressed their love for culture and art through generous donations. The museum’s collections have since grown richer and more robust with continued additions based on the faith and support of countless Ewha alumnae and patrons of the museum.

This exhibition focuses on donations made from 2019 to 2023 to highlight the significance of cultural patronage that has made Ewha Womans University Museum what it is today. On display will be a diverse array of artworks unveiled for the first time, ranging from ceramics from the Goryeo Dynasty to the modern era, jewelry from the Joseon Dynasty, wooden furniture and paintings, and modern and contemporary embroidery, each exhibit adding to the significance of the event. Through this exhibition, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed their valuable collections, thereby allowing us to preserve and share the beauty of Korean traditional culture for generations to come.


Artifacts View

  • Cup with Two Handles

  • Fishing

  • Autumn Landscape (left), Spring Landscape (right)

  • Tiger

  • Two-tier Cabinet

  • Wardrobe

  • Pendant with Five Ornaments

  • Onggi Chimney

Cup with Two Handles
  • 이세민 · 김춘자 기증
  • 백자 쌍이잔 白磁雙耳盞
  • 조선 15-16세기

  • Donated by Lee Se Min, Kim Choon Ja
  • Cup with Two Handles
  • Joseon 15-16th century, White Porcelain
황성하〈조어도 (釣魚圖)〉
  • 하창화 기증
  • <조어도 (釣魚圖)>
  • 황성하(黃成河, 1891-1965)
  • 1959년, 종이에 수묵담채

  • Donated by Ha Chang Wha
  • Fishing
  • Hwang Seong-ha(1891-1965)
  • 1959, Ink and Colors on Paper
Autumn Landscape (left), Spring Landscape (right)
  • 정연수 기증
  • <추경산수도 ( 秋景山水圖)>(왼쪽), <춘경산수도 (春景山水圖)>(오른쪽)
  • 변관식(卞寬植, 1899-1976)
  • 20세기, 종이에 수묵담채

  • Donated by Chung Youn Sue
  • Autumn Landscape (left), Spring Landscape (right)
  • Byeon Gwan-sik (1899-1976)
  • 20th Century, Ink and Colors on Paper
  • 조원식·이현지 기증
  • 호랑이
  • 김혜경(金惠卿 1928-2007)
  • 1948년, 비단에 자수

  • Donated by Cho Won Sik, LeeCho Hyun Jee
  • Tiger
  • Kim Hye-kyeong(1928-2007)
  • 1948, Silk
이층 농 (二層籠)
  • 김양식 기증
  • <이층 농 (二層籠)>
  • 원흥호장전 제작, 1930년 초

  • Donated by Kim, Yang-sik
  • Two-tier Cabinet
  • Production of Wonheungho Jangjeon
  • early 1930
  • 최숙경 기증
  • <의걸이장 (衣巨里欌)>
  • 1900년경, 밤나무

  • Donated by Sook Kyung Choi
  • Wardrobe
  • Around 1900, Chestnut Wood
Pendant with Five Ornaments
  • 김미경 기증
  • <은오작노리개 (銀五作佩飾)>
  • 조선 19세기, 은

  • Donated by Mikyung Kim
  • Pendant with Five Ornaments
  • Joseon 19th Century, Silver
Onggi Chimney
  • 김덕신 기증
  • <옹기연가 (甕器煙家)>

  • Donate by Duk Shin Kim
  • Onggi Chimney