About the Museum

Former Directors

the First DirectorHelen Kim

1935 ~ 1952President

the Second DirectorLee Kyu-pil

1952 ~ 1953

the Third Director Kim In-soong

1953 - 1955Division of Fine Arts (Painting)

the Fourth Director Shim Hyung-koo

1958 - 1962Division of Fine Arts (Painting)

the Fifth Director Kim Ok gill

1962 - 1963President

the Sixth Director Chin, Hong-sup

1963 - 1983Department of History

the Seventh Director Sook Kyung Choi

1983 - 1995Department of Social Studies Education

the Eighth Director Hongnam Kim

1995 - 2001History of Art

the Ninth Director Nanjie Yun

2001 - 2005History of Art

the Tenth Director Oh Jin-Kyeong

2005 - 2008History of Art

the Eleventh Director Kim Bohie

2008 - 2010Division of Fine Arts (Korean Painting)

the Twelfth Director Oh Jin-Kyeong

2010 - 2014History of Art

the Thirteenth Director Namwon Jang

2014 - History of Art